How to Delete or recover the deleted Google account


In this age of internet and technology, there are some blessings that are appreciated by the internet users. Google account creation is also a great blessing which further gives the individuals access to many amenities such as using Gmail account through Google account, gives an access, you tube, and other such facilities. The world of internet is also quite challenging and it is quite an uphill task to keep your respective account safe. So, due to diverse reasons individuals need to delete or recover their Google account. Are you not acquainted with How to delete Google account ? Put a glance on the information given below so that you can effectively learn how to delete Google account and how to recover deleted Google account.



How to delete your Google account ?


In case, you wish to delete Google account then it is quite a simple process. But always once you delete your account all the data and information of your account will be deleted automatically. To delete Google account, follow the below-mentioned steps:
 Go to official Google account page.
 After that head over directly to data and personalization tab.
 As you move ahead you will find the option of either downloading the data of your account or deleting the data of your Google account.
 Now, finally click on Google account panel and confirm delete my Google account.


So, these are some steps indicating How to delete Google at once .

How to recover deleted Google account?


Once you have deleted your Google account and wish to recover the same, then it is not at all a difficult task. Just follow a few steps in this regard:

 To recover your deleted Google account, directly go to Google account recovery page.
 Now, it will ask you some questions related to your Google account, if you fails to answer it properly, then your Google account will not be recovered.

 After that take some other steps. First of all enter your user name or email Id. You can opt for answering the email also.
 After that you will be prompted to enter the last password you remember.
 In case, you have entered the last password properly, then you will be successful in recovering your Google account.



In case of any doubt, you can get in touch with Google customer support or a renowned third-party support for your Google account recovery. If you choose to take the assistance of third-party support, then their knowledgeable techies will make your troubles solved.

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