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How to recover Hacked Gmail Account

The most security we provide to is to the digital market because from official to our privacy we have so many junks put into it for future reference or as secrecy. And if it gets hacked, we get panicked. Not, so easy to maintain it and neither it is hard if you have a regular check on it. The most important of such social junk is a Gmail account. So now it is important to know How to recover hacked Gmail Account and also how to not let it get hacked.



Follow the below steps to know How to recover Google Account and mainly if yours is hacked read carefully and make sure you ensure the steps.


  • Security -
    Make sure you have your Gmail linked to your phone number. Obviously, it will be linked as Google does ask a number at the time of registration but you will have to make sure of changing the number time to time when you change your phone number. And also on the notification from Google to the number.
  • Notification -
    If you have received a notification from Google that another device is logging into your account make sure to change the password immediately if it is not known to you.
  • Recover -
    And if you find after some time that your account is hacked and some unwanted message has been sent from your id but you are able to open it.
    Then you can follow the below steps-
    * Go to secure my account in Google
    * secondly it will show you all the devices which have been logged in your id.
    * And you will also be asked some security questions or phone number registered in the account.
    * It will take redirect you to the password page where you can change.  

By using the security steps, you can easily get back your hacked account.



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